Questions Asked in RRB ALP 2018(First Shift) | 09.08.2018

Questions Asked in ALP 2018
Dear Students, We are sharing some meory based asked in RRB ALP 2018(First Shift) today on 09th August 2018. Total 75 Questions asked form GK , Reasoning & Maths Sections.

GK Questions Asked:
How many Sattelite are there in Jupiter?
Who is the author of the book "Exam Warriors" ?
Who Founded Ram Krishna Mission
The capital of Malasia?
Who won Australia Open in females singles?
Who is the finance minister of India?
India Rank in the world for Happiness Index?
Who is the owner of KKR Team in IPL 2018?
Who was the Flag Bearer in Common Wealth Game Ceremony 2018?
Who is the current CM of Tamilnadu?
Who is the current CM of Nagaland?
Who is the Governor of Chattisgarh?
Who is the Chief Managing Director of Allahabad?
Who is the chairman of Indian Olympic?
Who got 1st Bharat Ratna of India?
What is the AC Mains Frequency in India?
Fuse wire is made of which material?
The rate of change in momentum is known as?
Who discovered DDT?
The chemical formula of Sodium bicarbonate?
Hirakund dam is situated on which river?
Chemical Name of Vitamins E?
Who invented vaccination for cowpox?
One Question on RBC
Unit of Power?
Where is the digestion of Proteins occurs?
One Question on Phylum.
Human Normal Blood Pressure
Who discovered Insulin?
Which mirror used in torch?
One Numerical on focal length.
1 KWH = ...?
Unit of Resistance
one question related to ligament
Function of transformer?

Reasoning Questions Asked:
18 March 1900 which day?

Maths Questions Asked:
A is three times more efficient than B. If they complete a work in 30 days, then find the times required by each to complete the work individually?