AFCAT(2) 2018 Exam Analysis & Questions Asked - 18th August

AFCAT(2) 2018 Analysis & Questions
Dear Students, We are sharing detailed exam analysis of AFCAT(2) 2018 Examination which is conducted today on 18th August 2018 in two shifts - 1st shift was scheduled from 09.45am to 11.45am and 2nd shift was scheduled from 02.45pm to 04.45pm.

Overall Exam Review: AFCAT August 2018 was pretty easier. In Maths section, more forcus was on Mixtures & Alligations, Time, Speed & Distance, Simple Interest & Compund Interest etc. Some of maths questions asked directly. English & GK was moderate level. Reasoning Section was easy to solve.

GK Questions Asked in AFCAT(2) 2018:
1.Mont Blanc
3.Term used for land measurement during Delhi sultanate - (Masahat) 4.hook pass related to - (basketball)
5. Riga is capital of- (Latvia)
6. World long jump record of Mike Powell -( 8.95m)
7. Captain of Indian hockey team during 1928 Olympics - (jaipal Singh)
8. Vehicle used for bomb disposal - (daksha)
9. Jaxa aerospace agency of - (Japan) of timeouts in volleyball
11. Out of given option India is a member of - (adb)
12. Indira point is in - ( nicobar islands)
13. Baltic cup sport - (football)
14. Bharat ratna 1991 awarded posthumously to - (Rajiv Gandhi and sardar vallabh Bhai Patel)
15. worlds first woman PM- (sirimavo bandaranaike, Sri Lanka)
16. Goa annexed by India in - (1961)
17.brahmo samaj founder - (raja ram mohun roy)
18. Which of the following plays not written by Shakespeare
19. Natya shastra depicts Sanskrit art of - (Bharat Muni)
20. Oldest veda- (rig Veda)
21. First Indian woman who won medal in Olympics?
22. The colour of four rings of olympics was given and fifth colour was asked.

Maths Questions Asked in AFCAT(2) 2018:
1.  The difference between compound interest and simple interest in the 3rd year at a rate of 10% is 77.5 rupees is??
2.  Two horses sold at 1200/-each . first one on a profit of 20% and second one is in 20%loss .the overall profit/loss in percentage is? – 4% loss
3.  the intial price of a colour tv is three time of that music system ,now if price of tv is increase by 10% and music system by 18% ,then find the profit loss % on buying 8 colour tv and 5 music system?
4.  The average of 5/16 and 3.6% is?
5.  A and B make a 221 metre in 100/ 9 day . They both working on alternate days A starting the work make the same wall in 89/4 days . They both work together make a wall of double length to that wall and get 1800 rupees find the share of B in it??
6.  Efficiency of A,B and C is in the ratio 4:5:6. What is the ratio of the time in which they complete the work?
7.   Someone purchase egg in ₹100. 20% eggs break. Now on how much he should sold the remaining egg to get net profit of 10 %?
8.  A bank give 16% interest per annum compounded semi annually. What interest a man get on amount of ₹10000 in 2 years?
9. If a stream takes 5 hours from A to B ….. And 3 hours from B to A …….if a wood log left at B and it start from B at 6:00 monday then at what time it will reach A?
10. 56^0.16×16^0.18=???
11.  √ 0.0081+ √ .0064=?
12. If there is 25% increase in the cost of sugar by what % consumption should be decreased in order to maintain expenditure?
13.Average marks of a class are 70. if average marks of fail students are 40 and pass student is 80 marks. find % of pass students?
14.  Population of a village increase 5% annually . if in2016 population 1852200 , find population in 2014?
15. If the difference between CI and SI is 77.5 Rs in 3yrs at 10% p.a . Ffind the sum ?
16. A alloy has element in 2:3 in how many step will A be more than 50% increasing 20% of A and 5% of B each time ?
17.  Avg of 3.6 and 20% is?

English Questions Asked in AFCAT(2) 2018:

Odd One Out:
Admiral, Colonel, Commodore, and Commander.
By dint of
At dagger’s drown – to have enmity
At sixes and sevens

Reasoning Questions Asked in AFCAT(2) 2018:

Venn Diagrams :
Haryana/ Gurgaon/Punjab/Ludhiana