What is The Psychometric Test? - Know Here Its Detailed Structure & Informative Idea

What is The Psychometric Test
Many students who have filled Railway ALP(Assistant Loco Pilot) and Technicians recruitment 2018 application form are asking about The Psychometric Test. We are sharing its detailed structure and informative idea. Apart from Railway ALP ,many other recruitment examinations comprise The Psychometric Test.

The Psychometric Test consists of the following tests to measure the cognitive attributes of the prospective candidates:-
Sl. No
Cognitive attribute
Test of Form Board
Test of Picture number
Test of Power of Observation
Power of Observation
Test of Complex Reaction Time
Complex Reaction Time
Group Embedded Figure Test
Field Dependence
Test of Personality
Freedom from Impulsiveness
The candidates are required to qualify in each and every test individually, scoring the minimum cut off, which is different for the different tests. The cut off for these tests are decided on the basis of extensive norming exercise. The details with respect to the Psychometric test are as follows:-

i.There may be 6 different tests in the aptitude test battery including five paper-pencil tests and one computerized test. These tests are meant to assess the cognitive attributes of the candidates.

ii.The number of test items in each of the individual test would vary from 18 to 42 depending on the nature of test and the time allotted for these tests may vary from 05 to 15 minutes.

iii.Out of the six tests, Personality test measuring two personality traits may be in a single set of booklet. Two scores, one each for the two personality traits, shall be generated and the candidate will have to score minimum cut-off in each part of the personality test. As such, though the candidates will give six tests but seven scores will be generated by the software for each candidate.

iv.The candidates would be required to qualify in each and every test by scoring the minimum cut-off score, fixed by recruitment body.

v.The candidates should listen to the instructions given by the test administrator carefully before the start of each and every test.

vi.The test items are simple and are designed to judge the desired attributes of the prospective safety category staff.

vii.The candidates would need to answer fact with accuracy and the entries made by them on the OMR sheet should be correct.

viii.The candidates are required to make entries on the OMR sheet using blue ball point pen and one test booklet using pencil. Therefore, they need to bring blue ball point pens, HB pencil, eraser and sharpener.

ix.The candidates need not be scared of the aptitude tests. All the tests would be administered one by one after practice exercise by them, before the commencement of actual testing.