GATE 2018 Analysis :: Mech. Engg. :: 03rd February 2018 :: Check Here Review

GATE 2018 Exam Analysis
Dear Aspirants, GATE 2018 Computer Based Test(CBT) conducted today on 03rd February 2018 Mechanical Engineering(ME) in two shifts viz. First Shift - 09:00am to 12:00pm and Second Shift - 02:00pm to 04:00pm.

As per students review, Questions were of moderate level. General Aptitude section was of moderate level and rest are easy to moderate to difficult. We are sharing GATE 2018 Analysis - Name of the Chapter/Subject(Topics)- Number of Questions Asked.

GATE 2018 Analysis
Strength of Materials (SOM)(Poisson's Ratio, Columns)- 10 Questions Asked

Mechanical Precision Engineering(Slab Milling, non-traditional machining, Casting, Welding)-17 Questions Asked

Theory of Machines (TOM) and Vibration(Natural Frequency, Dynamics of Slider Crank Mechanism , Epicyclic Gear Trains)-7 Questions Asked

Thermo Dynamics & Applied Thermo Dynamics(Brayton Cycle, Entropy)-9 Questions Asked

Heat & Mass Transfer(Conduction, Heat Exchanger)-5 Questions Asked

Fluid Mechanics(Flow through Pipes, Kinematics)-10 Questions Asked

Engineering Mechanic- 2 Questions Asked

General Aptitude(Family Relations, Grammar, Inference, Co-ordinate Geometry)-15 Questions Asked

Machine Design(S-N Curve, Theories of Failure)-4 Questions Asked

Industrial Engineering(Scheduling)-4 Questions Asked

Engineering Mathematics(Differential Equations, Probability, Rank of the Matrix, Eigen Values)-14 Questions Asked

Memory Based Questions Asked in GATE 2018 (ME):
Q1. Her_____________ should not be confused with miserliness because she is ever willing to assist those in need.

Q2. Going by the __________ that many hands make light work, the school __________ involved all the students in the task.

Q3. machines take 7 min to make 7 identical toys. At the same rate how many minutes would it take for 100 machines to make 100 toys

Q4. If a and b are integers and a+a^2b^3 is odd then test of odd/even of a and b

Q5. From the time, the front of a train enters a platform it take 25 sec for back of the train to leave the platform, if train is travelling at 54 km/hr. At the same speed it takes 14 sec to pass a man running at 9 km/h in same direction of the train. Length of train and platform in m is?

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