GK Tricks to Remember Indian Padosi Desh Name for KBC(Koun Banega Crorepati), SSC and UPSC-IAS Preparations

Dear Students, we are sharing very funny and interesting tricks to remember the name of neighborhoods countries of India. As we see generally, one question always ask in static GK from this topic. As we also have seen Popular Television Quiz Show KBC(Koun Banega Crorepati) hosted by Bollywood Legend Amitabh Bachchan.

Trick:  “बचपन में MBA किया

 --- बगलादेश--- ( 4096 KM)

चीन---- (3917 KM)

पाकिस्तन—(3310 KM)
--- नेपाल ---- (1752 KM)

में --- ( SILENT)

M – म्यामार--- (1458 KM)

B--- भूटान --- (587 KM)

A --- अफगानिस्तान – (80 KM)

All the Best!