Letter Writing and Essay Asked in SSC MTS Tier-2 Exam :: Held on 28th January 2018

Letter Writing and Essay Asked in SSC MTS Tier-2 Exam
Dear Students, Today on 28th January 2018, SSC MTS(Multi-Tasking)-Non-Technical Paper-2/Tier-2 / Mains examination was conducted. Overall paper was easy. Now we are sharing Letter Writing and Essay which are Asked in today's SSC MTS Tier-2 Examination which will be very helpful for new SSC Aspirants.

Questions of Essay asked SSC MTS Tier-2:

1.Write an Essay on Rainy Season.

2.Write an essay on Mobiles.

3.Write an essay on Education And Life

4.Write an essay on Responsibilities Of Good Citizen

Questions of Letter writing asked SSC MTS Tier-2: 
1. Write a Letter to your father about going on a trip to Jaipur

2.Write a Letter to Electricity Board about not getting electricity bill on time.

3.Write a Letter to Law authorities about degrading Law and Order in the society

4.Write a letter to your friend about inviting him to a Summer Vacation.

5. Write a letter to the librarian of your school to purchase new story books.

All the Best!