Google honors Indo-American Scientist Har Govind Khorana today on his 96th birthday with a Doodle :: Know about Har Govind Khorana

Har Govind Khorana
GOOGLE honors Indian-American Scientist Har Govind Khorana today(09th January 2018) on his ninety sixth birthday with a Google Doodle. He was a Biochemist. He is known for first to demonstrate the role of nucleotides in protein synthesis.

About Har Govind Khorana:
He was born on 09th January 1922 in Raipur, Punjab(now its in Pakistan).
He complted his Bachelor's education in 1943 and Master's education in 1945 from the Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan.
He completed his PhD in 1948.
The Nobel prize winner is known for his work on DNA.

Har Govind Khorana - Awards:
Khorana received Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1968.
He won Gairdner Foundation International Award in 1980.
Har Govind won Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize ForMemRS in 1978.
This Biochemist also won Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research Padma Vibhushan Willard Gibbs Award  in 1974.

Har Govind Khoran - Achievements:
He Started to work at University of British Columbia, Canada in 1952.
He moved to US in 1960 and started to work in University of Wisconsin.He got American Citizenship in 1966.

Khorana passed away on 09th November 2011 at the age of 89 years at Massachusetts.