Questions Asked in RBI Assistant Mains Exam 2017 :: 20th December :: Check Here Complete List

Dear Students, We are sharing questions asked in today's (20th December) RBI Assistant Mains Online Examination.
Questions Asked in RBI AO Mains 2017
Q.Jainsem is the traditional dress of which state? :
Ans : Meghalaya
Q.What is the full form of LAB?
Ans : Learn About Banking
Q.What is the full form of CFMS ? :
Ans : Centralized Funds Management System
Q.What are Mutilated Banknotes?
Ans :
Q.How much capital is required to complete Basal Funds?
Ans :
Q.Name the bank which has recently merged with Nedungadi Bank?
Ans : PNB

Q.Gorakhpur is located on the bank of which river? :
Ans : Rapti
Q.Under which Act did Mortgage comes or have been mention?
Ans :
Q.What is the maximum voting right for any shareholders in Payments Bank?
Ans- 10 %
Q.S in BCSBI stands for?
Ans :
Q.Name the country whose capital is Amman? :
Ans : Jordan
Q.What is Bank assurance?
Ans :
Q.Dudhwa National Park is located in which State of India ?
 Ans : UP
Q.Who is the author of the book ‘Hema Malini: Beyond Dream Girl’ ?
Ans : Ram Kamal Mukherjee
Q.Who was Girija Devi?
Ans : Singer
Q.What is Sowa : Rigpa ?
 Ans : Tibetian System of Medicine
Q.Loktak is located in which Indian State?
Ans : Manipur
Q.Which state have Roro Ferry Service?
 Ans :  Gujarat
Q.Who is the current Governor of Meghalaya?
Ans : Ganga Prasad
Q.CISF has its headquarter at?
Ans : New Delhi
Q.What is the Banking Ombudsmen Penalty Amount?
Ans : Rs. 20,ooo/-
Q.Which Indian Bank have recently tied up with Boston Consulting Group?
Ans : Karnataka Bank
Q.Pushpa Giri Wildlife Sanctuary is located in?
Ans : Karnataka
Q.What are the Keyboard Shortcuts to make a text Underlined?
Ans : Ctrl + U
Q.What are the Keyboard Shortcuts to make a text Italicized?

Ans : Ctrl + I
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