Miscellaneous / Arithmetic (Average, Percentage, Number System, Profit and Loss etc.) Questions Asked in IBPS Clerk Prelims 2017:: 02nd December 2017 :: First Slot

Dear Students, we are sharing memory based Arithmetic Questions which have been asked in today's examination of IBPS Clerk Prelims 2017 in the first slot. It will be good to solve for next slot aspirants.

Q1. Two items A and B cost price equal, item A sold at 40% profit and item B sold at 25%less than the selling price of item A, total profit is 189. Find the cost price of A ?

Q2. Ratio of speed of boat down stream and speed of stream is 9:1, speed of current is 3 km per hr, find distance travelled upstream in 5 hours.

Q3. Sum of 4 consecutive even numbers are greater than three consecutive odd nos by 81. If sum of lost odd and even number is 59, then find the sum of largest odd and even number.

Q4. Sum of Money invested in two schemes, in scheme A, X principle with 8 % per annum and in scheme B with X+1400 principle for two years and difference is 189, then find value of X?

Q5. Average age of A and B, 2 years ago was 26. If age of A 5 years hence is 40 yrs, and B is 5 year younger to C, then find difference between age of A and C?

Q6. Average of X, Y, Z is 24, X:Y = 2:3, X+Y = 60, then find X-Y=?

Q7. Cost price of two articles is same, trade man got profit of 40% on first article, selling price of second article is 25% less than first article, then find over all profit percent.

Q8. Length of rectangle is 80% of diagonal of square of area 1225, then find area of rectangle if it's perimeter is 94√2.

Q9. Annual salary of Arun is 7.68 lac. If he spends 12000 on his children, 1/13th of rest in food, 8000 in mutual funds, then find the monthly saving he is left with.

Q10. A can do a work in 24 days, B is 20% more efficient than A, if C can do the work in 10 more days than B, find days taken by A and C together to complete the work.

Q11. The ratio of Milk to water is 5:4, if two litres of water is added, ratio becomes 10:9, then find new amount of water in the mixture.

All the Best for the Next Slot Aspirants!