Memory Based Spotting the Errors (English) Questions Asked in IBPS Clerk Prelims 2017

Directions(Q1 to Q10): Read the sentence which was divided into five parts "a, b, c, d and e" and find out which part of the sentence is grammatically incorrect.

Q1). The cost of constructed a) / houses are b) / increased to c) / because of the high d) /price of cement.

Q2). According to the Twelfth a) /Five Year Plan, India b) / should invested c) /in one trillion dollars d) / in infrastructure projects.

Q3).To increase the selling/ of products/ in there rural areas/ the company did hire/ over five hundred trainees.

Q4)We had been spent a) / most of the profits b) / that we earn c) /last year of d) /purchasing new computers.

Q5). The Government had been a) / promised to revise b) / the pension schemes c) / are for central bank d) / staff from next year.

Q6) They understand how just a) / a twitch, are shuffle, smirk or a glare on stage or screen b) / can give audiences more insight c) / into the impenetrable depths of a personality d) / than a thousand-word dialogue.

Q7) Gone is the days a) / when peoples an used to b) / plan and save to c) / years before buying d) /the big-ticket items they aspired for.

Q8)To be eligible for a loan, a)/ you need to has a b)/ regular source an c) / the incomes – salary, d) / business or any other occupation.

Q9) Women tend to outlive there are spouses, a)/ which makes it important off them b)/ to save money in instruments c) / that’s will help them d) / build corpus to list a lifetime.

Q10). Most women undermine themselves a)/ by thinking that they are not qualify enough, b)/ or they has not c) / worked before or their husband d)/ won’t like it if they worked.