Check Here List of IBPS Clerk Prelims Questions Asked :: 10th December 2017 :: First Shift

Dear students, We are sharing, list questions(Puzzles, Simplifications etc.) of first slot which asked today in IBPS Clerk Prelims 2017 Online Examination(10th December 2017). Overall question paper was easy to Moderate level, Specialy maths was of moderate level.

Q1. 233.45+ X/2.005+67.55=445

Directions(Q2 to Q6): Read the following text very carefully and answer the questions.

8 persons are seated in straight line. All are facing North. S is fourth from left end. Only one person seat between S and W.T is immediate left of W. Neither U nor P seat at the extreme ends. P is immediate right of U. U is not neighbor of S. V is in immediate right of R.

Q2. How many persons sit between W and S?

Q3. Who sits at the immediate right of T?

Q4. Who sits at the immediate left of U?

Q5. Who sits at the extreme right end?

Q6. Who sits at the extreme left end?

All the Best for the Next Slot Aspirants!