Important Questions of GA-GK for RBI Assistant Mains Online Examination 2017

Q1.Deutsche Bank Headquarters is in?
Ans: Frankfurt, Germany

Q2. Where is the headquarters of IDA (International Development Association)?
Ans: Washington D.C.

Q3. Full form of ALM in banking?
Ans: Asset Liability Management

Q4. What term is used to indicate liquidity in a bank?
Ans: SLR

Q5. Where is Baglihar Dam & National Park is located in?
Ans: Jammu Kashmir

Q6. Naira is the currency of which country?
Ans: Nigeria

Q7. Dishonor of cheque is related to which act?
Ans: Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act

Q8. What is the capital of Serbia?
Ans: Belgrade

Q9. Where is Sathyamangalam national park located?
Ans: Tamil Nadu

Q10. In which year was the Indian Science Congress held at Delhi?
Ans: 1947