Must Do Questions of Computer for IBPS Clerk Mains Online Examination 2017

Q. What is the full form XML?
Ans: Extensible Markup Language

Q. What is used to retrieve search information?
Ans: Web Browser  
Q. What is used for expanding features or including hardware to a computer?
Ans: Port

Q. What is the process of descrambling a code/converting to original form?
Ans: Decryption

Q. What is used for temporary storage in computing?
Ans: Cache

Q. 1 GB is equal to how many bytes?
Ans: 230

Q. What is the shortcut for Find and Replace in MS Word?
Ans: Ctrl + H

Q. What is the shortcut to delete a word to the left of cursor?
Ans: Ctrl + Backspace

Q. Which MS word tool is used for quickly accessing features?
Ans: Ribbon

Q. In a flowchart, a decision making process is represented by?
Ans: Diamond

Q. In a flowchart, start and end points are represented as?
Ans: Circles

Q. What language consists of 0s and 1s?
Ans: Machine Language

Q. What technology used in banking?

Q. Which is NOT non-volatile?
Ans: RAM

Q. Static RAM uses?
Ans: Flip flops

Q. Upon booting, what is the first thing used by a computer {BIOS, ROM, RAM}?

Q. Each sheet in MS PowerPoint is called?
Ans: Slide

Q. Identify the optical storage device among the given options?

Q. Which fact is true about Bus Topology?
Ans: It requires less cable length

Q. Process of hiding details in computing?
Ans: Encapsulation

Q. How many bytes long is an IP address?
Ans: 16 bytes

Q. How many combinations are possible with 4 bits/nibble?
Ans: 16

Q. Which of the following keys works as a shortcut for Redo in MS Word?

Ans: Ctrl +Y