Static GK Questions Box with Answer | Asked in SSC CGL 2017 Tier-01 | Must Remember

Question. What is the SI Unit of Force?
Ans. Newton
Question. Who was the Grandson of Emperor Ashoka?
Ans. Dashrath Maurya, Samprati & Satakarni
Question. The Dynasty followed by Tughlaq was
Ans. Sayed Dynasty
Question. What is the Internal Resistance of Ideal Ammeter?
Ans. Zero
Question. What should be the Minimum age of Vice President of India?
Ans. 35 Years
Question. Which substance does not form smog?
Ans. Methane
Question. Pannalal Ghosh is associated with which of the following musical instruments?
Ans. Flute
Question. Name the son of Chandragupta Maurya.
Ans. Bindusara
Question. Which dynasty came after Tughlaqs?
Ans. Sayyid Dynasty
Question. Ekuverin Military exercise was held between India and
Ans. Maldives

Question. Duncan line passes through
Ans. Indian Ocean
Question. What is the SI Unit of Pressure?
Ans. Pascal
Question. What is the SI Unit of work?
Ans. Joule
Question. What does Quo Waranto mean?
Ans. By what warrant
Question. Who invented Laser Printer?
Ans. Gary Starkweather
Question. Rusting is a process of
Ans. the reaction of metal
Question. Where is Temple Bhairava located?
Ans. Mumbai
Question. How many people can be nominated by The President of India in Lok Sabha?
Ans. Two
Question. Where is Temple of Patal Bhairava located?
Ans. Ujjain
Question. How many fundamental rights are recognized by the Indian constitution?
Ans. 7
Question. In which year did Cabinet Mission come to India?
Ans. 1946
Question. Who was the first Viceroy of India by Britishers?
Ans. Lord Canning 1858-1862
Question. Lavani Folk Dance belongs to which state of India?
Ans. Maharashtra
Question. Mariana Trench is located in which ocean?
Ans. The Pacific Ocean
Question. Anemia is caused by the deficiency of
Ans. Iron
Question. To which country does Sheikh Hasina belong?
Ans. Bangladesh
Question. Who invented X-ray?
Ans. Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen
Question. How many players play for each team in Polo game?
Ans. 4 players
Question. What is the chemical name of Dry Ice?
Ans. carbon dioxide
Question. Which metal is used as a Galvanising agent?
Ans. Zinc
Question. In Bangladesh, River Ganges is known as
Ans. Padma
Question. For which organ of the human body is Pacemaker used?
Ans. Heart
Question. Masai Tribe belongs to which country?
Ans. Kenya
Question. Which country does S represent in BRICS?
Ans. South Africa
Question. In India, Tsangpo river is known as
Ans. Brahmaputra
Question. What is the full form of LAN?
Ans. Local Area Network
Question. Who discovered Cholera?
Ans. Filippo Pacini
Question. Which neighboring country of India produces opium?
Ans. Pakistan
Question. Which Indian States has the largest Coastal boundary?
Ans. Gujarat
Question. Swaraj is my Birth Right and I shall have it’ slogan was given by
Ans. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Question. Itai Itai disease is caused by
Ans. Cadmium Poisoning
Question. The auxiliary bud grows from which part of the plant?
Ans. Leaf
Question. Xylem carries __ in plants.
Ans. Water
Question. Which acid is present in Ant Sting?
Ans. Formic acid
Question. Vijay Stambh was built by
Ans. Rana Kumbha
Question. In Rajasthan Mirage is formed due to the effect of
Ans. Total Internal Reflection
Question. Theory of Sovereignty is given by
Ans. Austin
Question. Which is the weakest bone in the human body?
Ans. Spinal cord
Question. Lingaraj Temple is dedicated to
Ans. Harihara
Question. Venkateswara Temple is dedicated to
Ans. Lord Shiva
Question. Tirthankara Temple is dedicated to
Ans. Lord Vishnu
Question. What is the function of the kidney?
Ans. Extraction of waste from blood.
Question. What is cyclone called in China?
Ans. Typhoon
Question. Konark temple was made by
Ans. King Narasimhadeva
Question. Forest Institute of India is located in
Ans. Dehradun, Uttrakhand
Question. Who discovered Bacteria?
Ans. Leeuwenhoek
Question. Who was the First governor general of Bengal?
Ans. Warren Hastings
Question. Blood pH is basic or acidic?
Ans. Basic
Question. India touches maximum borderline area of which country?
Ans. Bangladesh
Question. The executive head of our country is
Ans. The President
Question. What is the SI unit of Current?
Ans. Ampere
Question. Gandhiji started Civil Disobedience movement in which year?
Ans. 1930
Question. Which of the following is not a plant hormone?
Ans. Thyroxine
Question. Nephron belongs to
Ans. Excretory System
Question. Name the Mughal Emperor who was illiterate.
Ans. Akbar
Question. What is the reason behind the formation Anions?
Ans. Anions are formed when a metal loses electrons
Question. The product of the mass of a body and linear velocity of a body is called the body’s
Ans. linear momentum
Question. Who appoints the Governors of State in India?
Ans. President
Question. What is the cause of Acid Rains?
Ans. A chemical reaction that begins when compounds like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are released into the air.
Question. A latitude that passes through Sikkim also touches
Ans. Rajasthan
Question. Sunlight helps to get vitamin
Ans. Vitamin-D
Question. How many bits consist of an IP Address.
Ans. 32 bits
Question. Full form of CAD in the computer?
Ans. Computer Aided Drafting.
Question. What is the Chemical formula of sodium chloride?
Ans. NaCl
Question. The mirror which shows the enlarged and inverted image?
Ans. Concave Mirror
Question. Photosynthesis occurs in plants by chlorophyll with the presence of
Ans. Sunlight
Question. Which gas contributes more to global warming?
Ans. carbon dioxide
Question. Which neighbor of India is called as Druk Yul?
Ans. Bhutan
Question. Who led Bardoli Satyagraha.
Ans. Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel
Question. When did Bal Gangadhar Tilak join Congress?
Ans. 1890
Question. Who is called the father of India Unrest?
Ans. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Question. Anions are formed by
Ans. accepting electrons
Question. What is the product of Mass velocity called?
Ans. linear momentum
Question. Which of the following invention was made by Sir Humphry Davy?
Ans. Electric bulb
Question. Tropical Rain Evergreen forests are found in which part of India?
Ans. Western Ghats, Andaman and Nicobar Island
Question. Cardamom is found in which part of the tree?
Ans. seeds
Question. Fundamental Duties mentioned in which part of the Indian Constitutution?
Ans. IV A
Question. 9th Parallel line is between which countries
Ans. USA and Canada
Question. What is the minimum age for Governor post –
Ans. 35 years
Question. Due to which phenomenon the depth of a tank look s shallow from above –
Ans. Refraction
Question. Which of the following is an aluminum ore –
Ans. Cryolite
Question. Insulin is a/an
Ans. Hormone
Question. Cinnamon is extracted from
Ans. Bark
Question. SI unit of temperature
Ans. kelvin
Question. The biggest mammal
Ans. blue whale
Question. What is the full form of RNA?
Ans. ribo nucleic acid
Question. Ghadar party was founded by
Ans. Lala Hardayal
Question. East India company established in which year?
Ans. 31 December 1600
Question. What is Netscape navigator?
Ans. web browser
Question. Who is the inventor of In vitro fertilisation?
Ans. Robert G. Edwards
Question. What is PH value of milk?
Ans. 6.7
Question. What is prime lending rate?
Ans. The prime rate is the interest rate that commercial banks charge their most credit-worthy customers.
Question. Wind in Sahara desert is called
Ans. Harmattan
Question. Name the largest cell of the human body?
Ans. Ovum
Question. Which industry uses potassium sulfate?
Ans. Fertilising
Question. Panja Sahib gurudwara is located in which country?
Ans. Pakistan
Question. Human Skin’s color is due to which pigment?
Ans. Melanin
Question. Who won Rajiv Khel Ratna 2016?
Ans. Sakshi Malik, Jitu Rai, P. V. Sindhu, Dipa Karmakar
Question. Power House of Cells
Ans. Mitochondria
Question. Scheme for pregnant women to give 6000 Rs started on which date?
Ans. 1 January 2017
Question. NaOCl2 is the formula of which substance?
Ans. Sodium Chrolite
Question. MTNL in which category of PSU?
Ans. Navratna PSU’s