Important Formula to Solve Simplification Problems

Dear Students, understanding the BODMAS rule is the key to solve any simplification problems, so you all must know this rule properly to solve questions quickly.

BODMAS stands for -

B - Bracket viz. (), {}, []

O - of

D -  Division(÷)

M - Multiplication(×)

A - Addition(+)

S - Subtraction(-)

We Operate these operations step by step from top to bottom. In bracket, first we operate open bracket i.e. (), second we operate curly bracket i.e. {} and in last we operate close bracket i.e. [].

One is Virnaculum/bar(), if it comes in the expression then first we operate virnaculum and then BODMAS rule. Its represented by:

Best BODMAS Example:


First Operate Virnaculum,
Now open bracket,
Now, curly bracket,
Now, Close bracket,
5÷14 *-16
Now division,
5/14 * -16