Number Series Questions Asked in RBI Assistant Prelims 2017 :: 27th November 2017 :: Second Shift

Dear Students, In second shift of RBI Assistant Prelims Exam 2017, five number series questions asked of easy level. We are going to share all those number series.

Directions(Q1 to Q5): Find the missing number in the following number series:

Q1. 6,5,7,12.5,27,_____

Q2. 3,18,35,56,83,_____
Sol: Take double difference

Q3. 7,6,10,27,_____,515
Sol: *1-1

Q4. 45,49,40,56,31,____
Sol: +22 ,-32

Q5. 11,29,65,137,____,369
Sol: *2+7

All the Best for the Next Slot Aspirants!

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