Miscellaneous(Ranking, Directions, etc.) Questions for IBPS Clerk 2017

Q1. A person moves 7 km toward North then takes a right turn and moves 3 km. Then she again takes a right turn & goes 5 km. Then she takes a left turn. Which direction is she facing now?
a. North-East
b. North
c. South
d. West
e. East
Q2. Can a word be made using the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 11th letters of the word ‘GEOGRAPHICAL’ If no, then mark ‘X’. Else, which letter is the 2nd letter in the newly formed word.
a. G
b. R
c. E
d. A
e. None
Q3. Complete the series:
AYD   CWF   EUH   GSJ   ?
a. VRT
b. IQL
c. RTF
d. POU
e. NHY

Q4. How many pairs of letters exist in the word ‘MACHINES’ with as many spaces between them as there are between them in the English Alphabet?
a. 5 pairs
b. 4 pairs
c. 2 pairs
d. 3 pairs
e. 1 pairs
Answer Index:
Q1-(e), Ans: East
Q2-(d), Ans: “A” in “Rage”
Q3-(b), Ans: IQL
Q4-(c), Ans: 2 pairs