Memory Based Puzzles Asked in RBI Assistant Prelims 2017 :: 27th November 2017 :: First Shift

Dear Students, 10 questions asked from puzzles in reasoning section in RBI Assistant Prelims 2017 Online Examination in first shift. One puzzle was circular based and one was floor based. We are sharing memory based floor puzzle which asked in today's exam.

Directions(Q1 to Q5): Read the text given carefully and answer the questions:

Eight person LMNOPQSR live on eight different floors from lower 1 to top 8. L , live on odd number floor but not 5 . There is one person live between L and R . R is below L .Three person live between Q and O . Q live s one floor above L and as well as O. S live one of floor above Q . Neither N nor Q lives in top floor .One person live between S and M .

Q1. Who lives on top floor?

Q2. Who lives on bottom floor?

Q3. Who lives immediate above of O's floor?

Q4. Who lives just below of R?

Q5. Who lives on the floor just above of 3rd floor?

All the Best for the Next Slot Aspirants!

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